Chocolate Chip Cookies

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At Josephine's Baking Company, our mission is to craft the most delicious cookies made with Gluten-Free, All Natural Ingredients. Our cookies are free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives. Only simple, clean ingredients that produce a superior flavor profile you'll love. 

Our Chocolate Chip Crispy Cookies are made with rice flour and they are lightly sweet. A healthier snack in a convenient, resealable pouch you can share with your whole family. Ideal for school lunches or snack breaks at work and home.

Try them with coffee, tea or your favorite ice cream. Use on your cooking recipes to replace regular cookies for pie crusts, black & white cookies, seasonal treats, ice cream sandwiches and more...

Don't care about Gluten-Free? No worries, our cookies simply taste your grandmother's cookies minus the gluten!