Our Story

The Foundation of our success...

My name is Lydda Gonzalez, my friends call me Mimi.

I am from Venezuela where I worked as an Electronic Engineer for 25 years in telecommunications. When I retired, I dedicated myself to pursuing my passion of baking and I studied to achieve the title of baker and pastry chef. At the beginning, I started with cake decorating and making desserts for parties.

In 2016, my nephew was diagnosed with a gluten allergy and could not eat products made with wheat, barley, ray and triticale which meant essentially cutting out bread, cookies, pasta and many other foods. We looked for gluten-free cookie options but we couldn't find any that were delicious or even had a pleasant taste. So, I dedicated myself to developing a formula to satisfy our taste in cookies.

After I had perfected a recipe, our friends started asking for them and we couldn't keep up. Soon we started selling them in shops, cafes and small supermarkets.

In 2019, my husband and I moved to Miami, Florida. Moving to a new country presented a wealth of new challenges. I had to work on modifying the recipes based on the ingredients available in the states. We even had to adjust the shape of the cookies to appeal to U.S. customers. Just a year later, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and our growth came to a screeching halt . We continued to sell our cookies but not on the scale we wanted.

In 2021, we moved again to Massachusetts. We were looking forward to being near family and reinvigorating the brand with a broader vision and opportunity for growth. Now my daughter Andrea is accompanying me in this new stage. In the name of my mother (Josefina), we look forward to expanding Josephine's Baking Company to offer our delicious gluten-free cookies to the northeast and beyond!


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